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Your sweet-salty place from Select awaits you in the heart of the city with the most exquisite handcrafted goodies created by confectioners and pastry chefs which combine tradition with good taste, using natural and healthy ingredients.

At Select Confectionery each cake or pastry product bears the trademark of refinement. Be it a simple cake, a wedding cake or a basket full of goodies prepared for the dear ones, the authentic recipes and the carefully designed ornaments will turn Select into the best choice for your special moments.

Festive Events? We put ourselves in your shoes each time we create something select for the special events in your life. That is why we let our imagination run wild and place no boundaries when it comes to the cake of your dreams. We encourage you to show us the cake you want so we can personalize it together, starting from the basic ingredients of classical cakes.

At Select Confectionery you can find mixed plateaus of sweets and personalized cakes in a select décor.