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Subtle and refined, the design of the location already filled with a powerful architectural value offers you the ideal context for the travel of your senses, called Cin Cin.

More than a simple restaurant, the space comes to life with the infusion of creative energy of the team who developed the concept, bringing value to each detail of the history imbedded in the walls of this edifice, and lays its story in full reverence, a new and joyful one, with unrivaled revelations and unique recollections. Each piece of furniture, each detail of the carefully directed lighting, each step taken in this visual trip is perfected by the carefully scenography of the unveiled space. Just like any storyline, the architectural design of the context manages to guide the traveler gradually and naturally, to the climax of each chapter, focusing on the items that define the concept and giving sense to the entire setting: the monumental ceramic works.

Once caught in the story, the traveler will get carried away in a complete and unconventional experience rapturing all senses and unveiling peerless surprises each time somebody would like to discover it.