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The story of the place

The Palace, built at the center of the city around 1880 by the banker Baron Neuschotz as a family residence, filled with prewar and postwar history, played a highly important role in the city of Romanian culture. In 1906, the Ministry of Finances bought the palace and set up the Local Financial Administration. The beginning of the First World War binds the Bucharest Government to take refuge in the North of the country. Several ministries were in operation here. With the communization of Romania, after 1945, the building is nationalized, even if it were the property of a state institution. The Financial Administration, the Register Office and other public institutions had their headquarters here.

In 1972, the construction of a luxury restaurant began, which was officially opened three years later under the name of Moldova Restaurant. The earthquake of March 4, 1977 forces the local authorities to close down the activity for an undetermined period of time. After almost 5 years, more exactly on December 1, 1981, the special category complex Select is opened, structured on two stories, ground floor and first floor. After December 1989, the complex undertakes numerous modifications in structure and functionality, including a long privatization process. The requirements of the new “age” imposed a new vision in terms of activity based on the rules of the free market. The complete restoration of the building started on February 2006. After 20 months an architectural jewel emerged in the historic center of Iasi, which would impress the most exquisite tastes in the field of services. Today, tourists and locals, people of culture, historians, diplomats and businessmen fully appreciate what SELECT COMPLEX has to offer.