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Your sweet and salty Select place awaits you in the heart of the city with the finest delicacies created by confectioners and pastry chefs who combine tradition with good taste alongside healthy, natural ingredients.

At Select Confectionery, every cake or pastry product is defined by refinement. Whether it’s a simple cake, a wedding cake or a basket of goodies, specially prepared for loved ones, original recipes and carefully selected assortments make Select the best choice for all your special moments.

Festive Events? We put ourselves in your shoes every time we create something special for the memorable events in your life. For this reason, we free our imagination and do not limit your choices when it comes to the cake of your dreams. We encourage you to select the desired cake assortment which we will personalize together, starting from the basic ingredients.

At Select Confectionery, we’re waiting for you with mixed cookie dishes and personalized cakes in a very select décor.