Preventive measures (COVID-19)

  Cleanliness and safety have always been our number one priority. Select Hotel complies with the highest standards of cleanliness and security protocols. Our spaces have always been meticulously cleaned and sanitized – at all times or whenever necessary during the day. The current situation requires that existing practices in the hotel industry be closely monitored by our staff regarding cleanliness and preventive hygiene – as a result we guarantee our guests a carefree stay.
Arriving at Select Hotel
With the same hospitality with which you have become accustomed, the Select team is at your disposal throughout your stay. At the entrances of Select Hotel and Select Patiserie there is a carpet impregnated with biocidal substance. At the hotel reception there is a thermometer (available at check-in or during the whole stay – on request), with which we check the temperature of every guest. Hand sanitizer is readily available at: the entrance to the hotel, the hotel reception, the public toilets and the elevator area. The entire Select team will wear a protective masks and wash their hands regularly or whenever necessary. The reception and entrance area of the hotel will be cleaned and sanitized every 30 minutes or whenever necessary during the day. Guests must keep a safe distance of at least 1.5m. The access cards for the rooms and the pens are disinfected. We have also eliminated room service and everything related to folders, leaflets and books inside the rooms. The elevator will be used by a maximum of 2 people, if they are not members of the same family. The rule is that the hotel staff will use the stairs; only in case of emergency will the staff be able to use the elevator. Wearing a mask and social distancing practices will be observed and monitored in all public areas of the hotel by our staff.
The Select Hotel team
To ensure that all staff members remain healthy both at and outside the workplace, we conduct ongoing training on prevention and sanitation practices at home. Observational triage is ensured in accordance with the appied legislation. Each employee will enter the unit wearing a protective mask, via the employee entrance and wait for his temperature to be taken before being registered. Also, all staff will be disinfected before entering the premises, will respect the internal routes to the locker rooms and work procedures, will receive and use a new mask at the beginning of their shift. The face mask will be changed every 4 hours (or sooner if it gets wet), and will be worn in such a way as to cover both the nose and mouth. Staff will avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth and if these gestures cannot be avoided the employee has the obligation to sanitize properly each time. Each employee will respect the sanitary / unsanitary route. Each employee must limit contact with high traffic areas and sanitize properly each time – e.g. elevator buttons, door handle, etc. Each employee must wash his hands and disinfect himself after each waste disposal or surface cleaning operation and whenever necessary.
Catering points (Restaurant, Confectionery and Pastry)
The Register of Reservations with the name and telephone number of the clients is obligatorily kept in order to have concrete data on the basis of which the epidemiological investigation can be carried out. In the Confectionery and Pastry physical distance will be kept and access will not be allowed to people who do not wear a protective mask. The waiters will ensure the disinfection of the tables, the menus, the olive oil / vinegar bottles, the salt shakers and all the utensils and objects used by the client, after each client. Ecolab professional disinfecting products will be used to disinfect tables, utensils and common areas. Dishes and glasses are disinfected via the professional dishwasher. Dishwashers will operate at a temperature of 80 ℃ or more and include a mandatory pre-rinsing and disinfection step. The floors will be disinfected throughout the day. The bartenders / waiters will wash their hands and disinfect after picking up glasses, bills, etc. All staff members will wear face masks and sanitize whenever necessary. All food preparation and storage areas will be sanitized every hour on a regular basis throughout the day. Each room will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and ventilated. It is mandatory for every customer to wear a protective mask.
The circulation of raw materials
The drivers delivering goods will be checked by the Supply Department and will be allowed to enter the unit only if they comply with the current rules and regulations – wear a protective mask and disposable gloves. At the same time, the delivery windows will be restricted and physical contact will be limited. The qualitative and quantitative reception of the goods will also include the sanitization of each product whose packaging allows it. After proper sanitation, food will be placed in storage spaces. All boxes and packaging in which the raw materials are transported will be sanitized before being placed in the culinary stream or storage space. All our products are purchased from accredited suppliers, who present certificates of conformity. After handling the raw materials for storage or processing, the worker washes and disinfects his hands (whenever necessary).
Obligations of the Select Hotel guests
To accept to wear a protective mask in all public spaces (public spaces are considered all other spaces, other than dining and accommodation) and to use hand sanitizer. Respect the safety distance in relation to employees and other customers (minimum 1m). Wash hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use disinfectants. Not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands. Not sneezing or coughing unprotected. Credit card use is recommended for any payment.
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