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Select Confectionary & Pastry

When you arrive in the historic center of Iași it is impossible not to be attracted by the harmony of sweet & salty tastes coming from Select Confectionary and Select Pastry.
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Confectionary Menu

When you say Select Confectionary you say classic sweets which made your childhood sweeter and modern mouthwatering indulgences, each and every one created using specially selected ingredients.

Pastry Menu

Discover a contemporary pastry bakery which emanates elegance and transmits excitement to its customers every time they taste the freshly baked goodness.
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Special Event Cakes

Celebrate friendship, love or a new beginning with a personalized cake which will take your sweet story to the next level.
We know it’s hard to decide when it comes to cremes and toppings, but regardless of the cake you choose, we now offer the option of ordering it online.
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